Kreeta-Maria is very sought after when it comes to training orchestral musicians, especially with Baroque, Classical and early Romantic styles.

She often does teaching periods with different orchestras, familiarising the musicians with the history of early music and offering practical help with common questions about scores, affections, Baroque style dances, style-related phrasing, ornaments and other musical features of Baroque, Classical and early Romantic eras. The orchestral training projects consist of musical lectures and practical training, and usually they culminate to a concert where you can spot Kreeta-Maria on stage as a soloist, chamber musician, concertmaster and leading the orchestra with the violin. Kreeta-Maria’s Baroque and Classical core repertoire includes works from composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Händel, Biber, Heinichen, Telemann, Rameau, Lully, Boccherini, Gossec, Vogler, Haydn and Graaf. 

(Photo: Reetaliina Marin, Kymi Sinfonietta)